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Fri. 28 June: Canceld!! ETEN MET MUZIEK: a climate event!

May 5th, 2019 | Posted by erik in Dierenrechten | ETEN MET MUZIEK | Film | Muziek | Organic | Vegan Food | VekoDiner | Zaal 100

We canceld this event!!

Menu and program see below!

We organize a “FOOD WITH MUSIC event”,  with good vegan & organic food (we cook for 200 people!), green information, film, live music and… let’s dance!

                                                              ‘ETEN MET MUZIEK 
                                                                   a climate event!              

in Zaal 100: de Wittenstraat 100   A’dam Westerpark

Make a quick reservation because… OP=OP!  (or 06-40755695)

Program  (17.30-01.00):

-17.30-20.00: Good Vegan Food  (3 courses & organic!)
– During dinner there is a Green Information Marked
-20.00-20.15: Short stories about Bayer/Monsanto
-20.15-20.45: Climate Movie
Live Music ♫
-22.30-01.00: Let’s Dance ☺

VekoDinner €12,50   Program €6,-    Both €15,-

The Menu:

A full plate of GoodVeganFood (all organic!)
– CoconutCarrotCake??  😉 

Enjoy… Bon apetiet!!

Where: Zaal 100 Amsterdam
Each Wednesday at 18h: Organic and Vegan Food. 3 course dinner for €9!
And: no Mosanto involved! Look at ‘the World according to Monsanto’…. and know what you eat!!

Gezellig, lekker VekoDiner in Zaal 100. Iedere woensdag : 3 gangen (eko/vegan!!) & Monsanto vrij voor €9. Vanaf 18u. in Zaal 100. En waarom Monsanto vrij?? Kijk naar ‘de Wereld volgens Monsanto’ …. en weet wat je eet!! 

Info enzo:
020-6860739 (Erik) / 06-40755695 (st.VEKO)
Zaal 100: de Wittenstraat 100 (Westerpark),  Amsterdam


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