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Fri. 29 Sept: ETEN MET MUZIEK Festival!

September 25th, 2017 | Posted by erik in ETEN MET MUZIEK | Vegan Food | VekoDiner | Zaal 100

Menu and program see below!

We organize a “FOOD WITH MUSIC Festival”,  with good vegan & organic food, green information, live music and… we gonna dance!

We’ll ask you to pay €1 extra. VekoLogisch will dubbel that…. for ASEED (see ‘the short stories about Monsant’ below).

Part of the recipes of the meal is comming out of the book ‘Vegan For Friends‘, written by Alexander Gershberg.

    a more than climate neutral event!              

in Zaal 100: de Wittenstraat 100   A’dam

Make a quick reservation because… OP=OP:  or 06-40755695

Program  17.30 – 24.00:

17.30-20.00u:  Good Vegan Food  (3 courses,&o!)
20.00-20.15u:  Short stories about Monsanto (door Elly van Reclaim the Seeds and Flip van ASEED)
20.30–21.30u: Live music ♫: Thirly! Berber music! Richy & Mrtn! They play the flute & mouth harp
and perhaps… Blind Bob!
21.30-23.30u:  Dj Richy does his Ethnic Groovy Beats! Let’s dance ☺

VekoDinner €10,-   Program €5,-    Both €12,50,-

The Menu:

 Indian Veggie Soup 
A full plate of good food:
– Basmati rice with herbs
– Dahl
– Gobi Bha Chi
– Sweet Pumkin Chutney
– Papperdam
– Salad
from chinese cabbage & paksoi
– AppleCake 

Enjoy… Bon apetiet!!

Where: Zaal 100 Amsterdam
Also each Wednesday at 18h: Organic and Vegan Food. 3 course dinner for €9! 
And: no Mosanto involved! Look at ‘the World according to Monsanto’…. and know what you eat!!

Gezellig, lekker VekoDiner in Zaal 100. Iedere woensdag : 3 gangen (eko/vegan!!) & Monsanto vrij voor €9. Vanaf 18u. in Zaal 100. En waarom Monsanto vrij?? Kijk naar ‘de Wereld volgens Monsanto’ …. en weet wat je eet!! Helaas is de in het Nederlands vertaalde versie van YouTube verwijderd. Dus kijk de Engelse versie hierboven genoemd!

Info enzo:
020-6860739 (Erik) / 06-40755695 (st.VEKO)
Zaal 100: de Wittenstraat 100 (Westerpark),  Amsterdam


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