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Wed. 16 nov: VekoDinner & Instant Music!

November 15th, 2016 | Posted by erik in ETEN MET MUZIEK

Wednesday the 16th in Zaal 100 (de Wittenstraat 100, Westerpark,  Amsterdam):
First food then…. Instant Music Day

-18.00-20.00h: VeggieShoarmaVekoDinner!! Let’s try…
-20.00-………h: Instant Music (Trios Night)

Dinner: €9,- (3 course menu, organic & vegan)
Music: €8,-  Be there!! 

Menu: Soup
             Garlic Sauce
             Salad with yellow beetrooth

Menu last week:
AsiënVeggie Soup
Main Course
Basmati Rice
Peanut Sauce
Creamed Spinach with sesami
 Sajoer Lodeh
 Sweet baked Potato/Tempeh
Roedjak Manis 
– Apple out of the oven

Menu the week before:
Nice Soup
Main Course
Creamy white sauce with mushrooms
Slow roasted pumkin in Italian herbs
 Italian beansalad and pesto 
– Nice Dessert

Bon apetiet!! Yammi…

VekoDinner on wednesdays: All vegan and organic! That means: no Monsanto!
3 courses for just €9. In Zaal 100 (Amsterdam). We serve the food from 18-20h. Come along or make a reservation!!nuvegetafell

Bon apetiet!!  😉

Good to know:  When everybody would eat like this, there is more then enough for the whole wide world!!!! And we don’t need Monsanto… Watch: ‘the world according to Monsanto‘ and… know what you eat!!

Good to know: Als iedereen zo zou eten, dan is er meer dan genoeg voor de hele wereldbevolking en…
zijn we van Monsanto af! Kijk naar ‘de Wereld volgens Monsanto’ …. en weet wat je eet!!

Info enzo:
020-6860739 (Erik) / 06-40755695 (st.VEKO)
Zaal 100: de Wittenstraat 100 (Westerpark),  Amsterdam


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